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A mix between History & Innovation. We help you to anticipate the culinary tendencies thanks to all fine products from Italy and France we bring to you.

  • Fusion

    Bernardaud is the first manufacturer and exporter of porcelain tableware in France. Quality is integral to the culture, aspirations and mission of the brand. Bernardaud imposes exacting standards and commitment at every step of a lengthy manufacturing process, for each fine porcelain object is the work of many skilled professionals.

  • Rousselon

    Rousselon Dumas - Sabatier
    Manufacturer of knives and kitchen utensils, in Thiers since 1852, the Company Rousselon is the French specialist of the fully forged knives: characterized by its heavy bolster, 3 riveted handle and triangular blade.

  • Garnier

    Garnier Thiebaut creates atmospheric patterns that immediately catch your eye. Whether tablecloths, table runners, aprons or by the meter, each collection shows a harmonically harmonious style for a cozy home. You have the choice between a variety of different models that you can choose to match your interior. Garnier Thiebaut has designed stylish patterns for every taste. Which one will be your favorite?


    TRP-CHARVET is one of the last few weavers of French toiles commercialising it’s own productions, retaining in this way its creativity, flexibility and technical knowledge. This policy is key to Charvet’s endurance and it is the integration of the groups’ sister production units specialising in spinning and dyeing that ensures their effectiveness.

  • Cristallerie

    The Cristallerie de Montbronn carries out this art work while adapting its work to the competitive markets, which are full of low quality machine made products.The only 'automatic' work in the Cristallerie de Montbronn is the acid polishing process, which gives its incomparable brilliant and limpid brightness to the crystal. Each piece is individually checked and guaranteed, which gives our work a first-class quality reputation.

  • Catherine

    A French Interior Designer’s brand of luxury linen for the home. Established in 1998, Catherine Denoual Maison creates high quality and stylish bed linen, table linen, homewear and home accessories using only premium materials and fabrics along with the most hand skilled artisans.

  • Mauviel

    Mauviel 1830, flagship of the French industry, centennial Normandy manufacture, creator of culinary emotions, adorns copper or stainless steel, dresses up in aluminium or black tin to satisfy all explorers of voluptuous sensations. The utensil that suits you best is obviously manufactured at the Mauviel 1830 manufacture: the passionate in cooking and the lovers of aesthetic will choose copper, the amateurs in cooking or the everyday cook will appreciate the easiness of stainless steel.

  • Vetrerie

    In the first years of the last century, Vetrerie di Empoli began to produce artistic glassware for dining. With the passing of time, the traditional glassware evolved from plain rustic styles to increasingly elegant designs. Today, Vetrerie di Empoli routinely welcomes the most sophisticated international clientele, satisfying their demands for a distinctive product of high quality and innovative, striking design.

  • Cookut

    To change the world, cook at home!
    Cookut’s creed is simple: making homemade food is good for you, good for your community, and also good for the planet. We do our best to further this goal every day by respecting our values of transparency and social responsibility while working in a relaxed atmosphere.