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Le Square Epicier Fin fully complies with the applicable law. Upon trading and operating the lesquare-epicierfin.vn, Le Square Epicier Fin commits to absolutely respect and carry out the effective solutions for the protection of Clients’ private information.

The following policy for private information protection provides types of information collected, the usage purpose and how Le Square Epicier Fin protects the information. It also includes guidance for Clients to decide what information to provide, how to change them and other warnings in using the Site. By using the website, you consent to the processing described therein and warrant that all data provided by you is sufficient and accurate.

Information collected

Upon registration of an membership on lesquare-epicierfin.vn, we shall collect:

- private information, including full name; email address; date of birth, gender, telephone number, address and other information requested from time to time;

Purpose and scope of using private information

The above mentioned information is collected for the purpose of:

- create membership account for client

- setting up the supporting campaign for long term Clients or other promotion programs;

- sending the promotion programs or other information to you through email, address or telephone number, with Client’s prior agreement; and

- other activities serving the trading of the Site, with Client’s prior agreement.

Entity collecting and storing the private information

Le Square Epicier Fin Co., Ltd – as the owner of the lesquare-epicierfin.vn – is the entity collecting the information mentioned in this document. Details of Le Square Epicier Fin is as below:

Le Square Epicier Fin Co., Ltd      

Tax code: 0314809955

Head office: 186 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC

Phone: +84 2862883528 | Fax: +8428 6288 3529 | Email: infos@lesquare-epicierfin.com.vn

Main website: https://lesquare-epicierfin.com.vn/

Shopping Website:https://shop.lesquare-epicierfin.vn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lesquareepicierfin

The information provided by Clients shall be maintained in a specific of time in accordance with the regulations or as long as it is required for the transactions on the Site.

Guidance for management of private information

Clients can also seek help from lesquare-epicierfin.vn to amend their information, including the change of delivery address for a specific order through our Customer Service team at +84 2862883528  or at infos@lesquare-epicierfin.com.vn

For the most effective protection of Clients’ private information, Clients need to have high awareness on the maintenance of their own information and cooperate with lesquare-epicierfin.vn upon detecting any illegal access to or any abnormal situations happened to Clients’ accounts.

Clients are required to fully comply with confidentiality rules to ensure the effectiveness of the protection. lesquare-epicierfin.vn holds no liabilities for any loss or damages caused by the non-compliance actions of Clients.

Commitment of private information protection

Unless it is required by the law to disclose the private information or details of Clients’ transactions, shop.lesquare-epicierfin.vn:

- shall not use the information for the purposes to serve Clients’ orders or any other purposes which are agreed by Clients in advance;

- shall not use or disclose them to any other third party for other commercial purposes;

- applies the encoding method for the whole placement of orders and payment process;

- applies the best method and solutions for the strongest protection.

In case Le Square Epicier Fin breaches related to Customer's use of personal information for the wrong purpose or the notified scope, Customer has the right to file a complaint with our Customer Care Center at +84 2862883528 or email address infos@lesquare-epicierfin.com.vn. Our Customer Care Center will contact and resolve Customer's complaint according to the Terms and Conditions on this website and in accordance with the applicable laws in order to protect Customer's maximum benefits.

Any actions to intervene or to edit the data structure of the website though by different types of tools, applications, programs or any other form are illegal. All propaganda, encouragement or illegal acts aimed at access, reproduction, storage of data or destruction of system on the Site is strictly prohibited in accordance with the Vietnamese laws. To protect the legal rights and benefits of Clients as well as Le Square Epicier Fin, we retain the right to require competent authorities to deal with these violation acts in accordance with the applicable Civil Code, Criminal Code and other relevant Vietnamese laws.